22. May 2024

Last week, some HORWIN employees from Austria and Germany were able to visit the HORWIN headquarters in Changzhou together with Hanspeter Heinzl.

Via this link you will find a short video about our new SENMENTI 0which we were of course also able to test on this occasion.

The test drives will soon be completed – we are all overwhelmed by the driving characteristics and functions of this vehicle.

In addition to various test drives, we discussed and found solutions to a number of known problems with packaging, final quality control and many more.

We also visited our production of the new SK3 PLUS series close to our headquarters and our recently opened Dark Factory; the latter is the first fully robot-controlled production facility for our 2nd generation platform.

Hanspeter Heinzl doesn’t want to reveal too much about the further development of our existing vehicle models just yet, but you can look forward to many new products in the course of the year.

You will soon be able to watch a test report on three vehicles in the L3e class on the TV channel “VOX” (you will be informed of the broadcast date in good time). Our SK3 PLUS was tested in comparison with the BMW CE 02 and the NIU MQI GT 100.

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