SK3 Plus

All highlights at a glance

Perfect dimensions. Perfect optics.

Timeless and yet so modern at the same time

Ergonomic design, generous vehicle dimensions, stylish appearance, sporty design and unmistakable lines. All this characterizes the HORWIN SK Series.

Looking away failed.

Design that inspires anew every time.

Everything always in view

Intelligent display

The 5.5-inch TFT display is perfectly illuminated to ensure readability in all lighting conditions. It displays all important information such as speed, battery status, range and much more.

Turning night into day

LEDs as far as the eye can see

The modern and energy-efficient LED lighting is characterized by particularly high brightness and brilliance, which ensures perfect visibility in road traffic. The LED low beam and high beam ensure optimum illumination of the road.

Space for up to 2 batteries at the same time

Still. More. Range.

The HORWIN SK offers plenty of storage space under the seat. With the optional second battery, which is also fitted under the “hood”, the range can be significantly increased. Alternatively, a helmet also fits in the spacious storage compartment.

Safe and powerful


The SOC monitoring system and the modern battery management system can prevent malfunctions prevent. Among other things, they protect against overcharging, discharging and overvoltage, short circuit and monitor the temperature of the batteries.

0 V
0 Ah

More convenient than ever before

Charging made easy

The rechargeable battery or batteries have a carrying handle and can be easily transported. This means they can be recharged in the living room within a few hours to be ready for the next journey.

Safety has priority

A braking system of class

Front and rear disc brakes on all HORWIN SK models shorten the braking distance. The CBS braking system specially developed for the SK3 also ensures even safer braking, even at high speeds.

A good driving experience makes all the difference

Comfort & ergonomics

The large footboard and wide seat are ergonomically designed. The upper body and legs are relaxed at any height. The HORWIN SK offers a comfortable driving experience – from A to B.

Made for every road

A chassis to fall in love with

The double hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers provide the driver with an excellent and safe driving experience, regardless of the road conditions.

Full speed ahead

High-performance drive in the SK3

The center motor developed by HORWIN achieves an output of 6.3 kW at a speed of of up to 90 km/h. Within a few seconds, the HORWIN SK3 accelerates to top speed, with the full torque is available immediately when the throttle grip is operated.


Center motor with

0 W
max. Power

Highly efficient and economical

Whisper quiet on the road


Hub motor with

0 W
max. Power


Need delivery?

Each version of the HORWIN SK is also available as a fleet and delivery vehicle. The Delivery Scooters (DS) are ideally equipped for even the toughest applications and impress with their extra robustness, practicality and cost-effectiveness.

It should be that simple.


And drive off.

Further highlights

  • Helmet storage compartment under the seat
  • USB charging socket
  • LCD display
  • Field-oriented vector control (FOC)

  • Reverse gear/mode

  • Optional second battery

  • Keyless Go
  • 3 driving modes: Eco, Plus, Sport

  • Electronic anti-theft device

Original accessories

  • Clothing
  • Top case
  • Windshield
  • Smartphone holder

  • Rack

Colors SK1

Colors SK3

Photo gallery

Technical data

Technical data SK1 SK3 SK3 PLUS
Motor type Hub motor Center motor Center motor
Energy management FOC control FOC control FOC control
Rechargeable battery 72 V, 36 Ah (optional with second battery) 72 V, 36 Ah (optional with second battery and Y-cable) 72 V, 45 Ah (with second battery and Y-cable as standard)
Length 1993 mm 1993 mm 1993 mm
Width 742 mm 742 mm 742 mm
Height 1136 mm 1136 mm 1136 mm
Seat height 790 mm 790 mm 790 mm
Front tire 100 / 80-14 100 / 80-14 100 / 80-14
Rear tire 120 / 70-14 120 / 70-14 120 / 70-14
Wheelbase 1360 mm 1360 mm 1360 mm
min. Ground clearance 155 mm 155 mm 155 mm
max. Permissible total weight 270 kg 282 kg 285 kg
Empty weight without battery 85 kg 94 kg 98 kg
Rim Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
max. Power 3.0 kW 6.3 kW 8.64 kW
max. Speed 45 km/h 90 km/h 100 km/h
Brake system Disc brake front/rear CBS brake system CBS brake system
Charging time (8 A) 36 Ah / approx. 4.5 h 36 Ah / approx. 4.5 h 45 Ah / approx. 4.5 h (10 A charger)
max. Range 149 km (with 2 batteries) 120 km (with 2 batteries) 130 km (with 2 batteries)


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