Start into a new era of E-Mobility in vehicle kategorie L3e – CR6 & CR6 Pro. Endless driving pleasure and fantastic design – especially for Europe.

HORWIN EK3 & EK3 Deluxe

The elegant electric scooter in the L3e-class impresses with design, comfort, high-tech and safety. It also offers an optional second battery for double range. With two different equipment lines, the EK3 and EK3 Deluxe are ideal companions for everyday life.


With a peak power of 5kW, a top speed of 45 km/h throttled and acceleration values comparable to a 125cc, nothing stands in the way of quiet driving fun with the HORWIN RANGER CROSS over woods and meadows or with the RANGER STREET on the road.

The removable batteries can be recharged in the home or office. With the innovative Keyless-Go system, the vehicle can also be driven without inserting the key.The recommended customer price is € 3.990,00.


Inspired by the automotive industry, the HORWIN GT LIGHT has the perfect balance between elegance and performance. It consists of a one-piece magnesium frame and is powered by an amazingly quiet electric motor. With a brushless motor, the HORWIN GT LIGHT is the most innovative scooter currently on the market.


The GT SLIDER is HORWIN´s response to intelligent urban mobility with a 10 inch pneumatic tire and has an enormous payload of 130 kg. The powerful battery delivers enough power for up to 50 kilometers on a single charge. The electric motor reaches a top speed of up to 35 kilometers per hour and makes the HORWIN GT SLIDER the ultimate vehicle for driving around in cities, camping grounds or other short trips.


The HORWIN K1 is the world’s first electric scooter with a seat that does fit into the trunk of any car. Its unique, foldable design makes it your favorite companion in every situation. Escape the traffic jams and travel the last miles on the HORWIN K1. Top speed 25 km/h with a range of around 35 kilometers per charge.